About Us

Fusion Property Investment Corporation is one of the leading service providers for property investment in Melbourne. Through our philosophy, “better investment, better life”, coupled with our platform of resources, local real estate experience and expertise, we guide our clients to maximize their investment return and growth.
Fusion Property, operating under the management of Fusion Realty Development Group, works closely with over twenty Australian real estate developers and project marketers, we have planned and managed successful marketing campaigns in Asia for many renowned Australian developers.

What we do
Specializing in real estate investment, our services cover all aspects of the property industry, we offer “tailored strategic investing advice” to our valued customers, always placing safety and security of their investment as our foremost objective. Our services include:

– Investment property one-stop shop
– Buyer’s advocacy
– Investment strategy consultation
– Residential & Commercial property management
– Investment property tax planning (FANP)*

Why choose us
Fusion Property understands the market cycle and trends in the Australian property market, as well as your personal needs, affordability, financial status and goals, which enables us to always give you the best property advice. Fusion property is committed to using our local knowledge to provide the optimal project to each and every one of our customers, to ensure your return in partnership with our professional services.
As our customer, you will receive a outstanding variety of benefits including mortgage deals, tax planning, conveyancing and immigration services.
We work with honesty and responsibility according to our codes of practice, integrity, quality, precision and cooperation, to uphold our core values to the highest standards. Our mission is to use our expertise in statistical analysis and professional experience to achieve the best property investment solution for you.